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to our internet home.  Here, we hope that you'll learn more about us,
and about the man that we all love ... Alden!!!
Enjoy your visit and hope that you'll visit us again!!!
Team Alden International
Alden Richards
  He is hard working, a loving son, brother and Grandson.  He is GOD fearing.  He treats his supporters as friends.  Its amazing how, he has remained so very HUMBLE, even if he's reached the peak of his career already.  He doesn't let his success get to his head, and change the way that he is!!  He's such a good person with a good heart.  Alden has touched so many lives.  With his many talents and gifts, he, in his own way, has brought us together.  
We come from different parts of the world... coming together for one purpose.  To support and love Alden Richards and to help him and others out in any way that we can. 
*** Information on Alden's page will be in constant update mode.  As information become available, the page will be updated. ***
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